This NEATFish standard has been designed to be completed online through this website to make certification of your tournament as simple as possible. On-line membership is FREE and provides tournament organisers with all the necessary tools to undertake a NEATFish Assessment. To register a new fishing event, start by following these 5 easy steps:

Step 1

Register as a Member and Login

Step 2

Register a new event, complete the assessment questionnaire and submit your results for approval

Step 3

After receiving email notification of your approval, follow the links to complete the declaration of conformity

Step 4

Complete your Annual Registration Payment

Step 5

Download your official NEATFish Certificate

The entire NEATFish assessment process can be done free of charge through the questionnaire on this page after you register here. Once you’re registered the assessment process can be done in one session, or you can save your tournament at any stage and come back to complete the process at a later date.

Once you complete the questionnaire you will obtain your NEATFish score. You then can decide whether you wish to get the score officially recognized so you can join the list of approved tournaments and receive benefits from sponsors and insurers.  The cost of certification represents exceptional value at only $104.50. In the members section click on the payments section tab to become officially certified under NEATFish.

Tournaments approved with a FIVE star rating may wish to further their environmental rating by following the Pathway to ISO14001   (ISO14001 is an Environmental Management Standard designed to help organisations minimise how their operations negatively effect the environment.)

Remember that tournament organisers are required to maintain their own supporting documentation to substantiate their declaration of conformity with the Standard. Check out section 7 and appendix 1 of the NEATFish standard for more details on the on requirements for supporting documentation.