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Welcome to Neatfish

What is NEATFish ?

NEATFish is a Standard for the National Environmental Assessment of Tournament Fishing. Download the NEATFish standard. The NEATFish standard was developed by Recfish Australia to encourage organisers of fishing tournaments to develop tournaments which:

  • minimise detrimental impacts on fish stocks,
  • are environmentally sustainable,
  • encourage support from local communities,
  • provide safe fishing experiences for competitors and spectators, and
  • provide significant positive social and economic benefits to those communities in which they are held.

The NEATFish scoring system is based on a 1 to 5 star model which classifies fishing tournaments on their environmental, social and economic impacts. High ranking tournaments can expect increased recognition from government and environmental groups and significant benefits from sponsors and insurers.

Who can apply for NEATFish certification ?

NEATFish was designed to be used by organisers of large commercial fishing tournaments, but it can be used by organisers of all forms of competitive recreational fishing events. Participation in NEATFish is voluntary, however the Standard and its requirements for supporting documentation must be adhered to by organisers of any tournament which claims official certification under NEATFish.

Getting Started

This Standard has been designed to be completed through this website to make certification of your tournament as simple as possible. However, tournament organisers are required to maintain their own supporting documentation to substantiate their Declaration of Conformity with the Standard. In order to register a new fishing event, click on the register new fishing tournament tab.